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Multimedia Validation - Whether to require that all multimedia files be present on the phone before starting a newly-installed application.  Note that this validation will not run if the application remotely updates. More info

Auto-Sync Frequency - How often the application should automatically sync with the server.


CommCare Sense - Enable the special CommCare Mobile user interface for low-literate users.  More Info

Extra Key Action - What the 'Extra Key' (# on Nokia Phones) does when pressed. Language cycles through any available translations. Audio plays the question's audio if available. NOTE: If audio is selected, a question's audio will not be played by default when the question is displayed."


Incomplete Forms - Enable / Disable the settings for incomplete forms, which are forms that have been started but not finished.

titleIncomplete Forms

If a project space uses Web Apps, enabling Incomplete Forms for any application will also enable it for Web Apps.

Auto-resize Images - Several different options for how CommCare resizes images to fit on the device screen


Web Apps Logo - Allows you to upload your own image to be displayed on the home screen of Web Apps