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New community supported open source tool

These features are supported by the CommCare Community of Practice. While Support for these features is not included as part of your CommCare subscription, please feel free to refer any questions or issues about the content of these pages to the CommCare Forum.


  1. In CommCare HQ Data page, create a form or case export 

  2. Download the DET config file

  3. Open your Excel DET config file to see the fields from your export with the option of mapping specific data types. If you aren't transforming your data, there's no step needed here.

  4. Open CommCare Sync, create a new account (instructions below)

  5. Add a project by pasting your CommCare project space name

  6. Add your database via the Admin Site (can be any available database)

  7. Add an export from your new project, and add your database and your config file you downloaded in step 2

  8. Run export. This applies the configuration file to do an initial sync of all the data from your CommCare project space. 

  9. View the log to see more info - like to confirm how much data was pulled in

  10. Connect your BI tool of choice, and start exploring the data

Note for projects syncing data from multiple CommCare project spaces:


Download your DET config file from CommCare


  1. If you haven’t already, add the CommCare project space in the “CommCare Setup” tab.

  2. If you haven’t already, add a CommCare account that has access to the project space.

  3. Important note to Dimagi users: Do NOT use your superuser account, follow the steps below to create a user below. Create a web user for a specific project, and set up API key for that user (under Account Settings). You can use a "+" in your email address that tells you what your web user is for. e.g. ""

  4. Add the export from the “Exports” tab.

  5. On the export details page, click “run”.

  6. When the run completes, view the logs to confirm it ran successfully.