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The CommCare Data Export Tool (DET) is a command-line interpreter tool that you can use to export data from CommCare to an excel Excel sheet, or more commonly, to a database. DET is an ideal solution for large datasets which can be incrementally refreshed and connected to BI tools like Power BI for visualization needs. You can configure it to pull data on a schedule to automatically keep your data up to date or run it as a one-time data export.

The Data Export Tool does not change your data in CommCare. It simply exports the data into a raw format that you can use for data insights and analytics using the CommCare API to export the data. The configuration for what data is exported and how it is formatted are provided to the tool via an Excel configuration file. The export can be in the format of a file (Excel, CSV, or JSON) or to a specified database. For this reason, using the DET requires knowledge of both Python and SQL, and for this reason, is an advanced feature.

Important note about PHI: Please note that the commcare-export tool offers no security features for dealing with Protected health information (PHI) directly. If you intend to export PHI data from CommCare, please ensure the appropriate measures are in place to protect your data.


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