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  • Calculations in Hidden Values - an basic overview of common calculations
  • Troubleshoot Calculations - have lots of complex calculations that you want to test? This page has some suggestions for you!
  • Join two values ("concatenate") - example of a function which joins together two questions. For example if you have a question for first name and another for last name and want to join them into one property you can use the concatenate function.
  • Generating a Random Number - examples for using the random() function in CommCare calcluations
  • Rounding numbers - this page provides some examples of how you can round the input to numeric questions
  • Calculations with Dates and Times - key resource for doing calculations with date or time questions
  • "If" Statements - one of the most powerful tools in building CommCare calculations, this page provides examples of how if statements can help you to synthesize inputs from several questions into one output


This section has pages that you might want in order to build complex workflows or structures into your forms. Note that pages in this section may require knowledge of Case Management, a key feature of CommCare which is used to link forms together. 

  • Link Questions Between Forms - this page gives a brief overview of how to reference previously collected information in a form. More detail is also available in Case Management
  • Increment a counter - technique for keeping track of the number of times a form has been filled out. This is often used to count the number of visits or other type of interaction.
  • Create a Score Tally - if you have a series of questions and want to tally a "score" this page will provide some useful guidance

  • Displaying History of Changes - if tracking the changes in one property over time you may want to concatenate them over time in order to make it easy to refer to

  • Defining a Default Value - describes how to set a default value for a question