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nameSoftware Plan - Advanced
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  • Same limitations as Web Apps..

  • User-controlled repeat groups (i.e. Repeat groups where the user defines how many repeats to input) do not currently work. Repeat groups where the repeat count is pre-defined should work.

2. CommCare for Web Users

Web Apps

If the project space has an Advanced software plan or higher, users Users can access web apps by clicking on "Web Apps" at the top of the page. Note that the apps that appear here are the latest released version of the application, to ensure that your latest test changes don't affect current web apps users! This allows for more robust testing and use of the application, as it allows you to preview more than just the form as described in the section above.


To enable the Login As feature, you need be logged in as a Web User with certain permissions. The user’s Web User Role will need to have permission to do the following in your project space: