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  1. Create or edit an existing mobile worker and go the page to configure that user.

  2. Setup a phone number. Enter the phone number for the worker. It's important that the entered number contains number is in international format (starting with the country code) and does not start with a plus. For example, a US number would be entered as "12068130912".  Similarly, an Indian number would be entered as "919560187230". Click the "Add Number" button after entering the phone number.

    For Indian numbers, please see the notes in the troubleshooting section below about opting into messages from Dimagi.

    At this point, you have created a one-way phone number. This means that you can send outbound messages to this user using this phone number, and if that is all you require you do not need to continue with the rest of the steps. However, if you require the use of inbound SMS (that is, for this contact to send message replies to the system), then you will need to verify this phone number as described below.

  3. A "Verify" button should appear next to the phone number. Click on this button to trigger sending a message. 
  4. A "Verification pending" message should appear underneath the phone number. You can still click the "Verify" button again to send another SMS. 
  5. The user should receive a message on their phone asking them to respond with a "123". Depending on their country, they can either directly reply to the message or they may have to respond to a different phone number. For example, in India, the message will include the phone number to respond to. (See troubleshooting and notes below).

  6. One the system receives a message, refreshing the mobile worker page will show the phone number as "Verified"


titleSpecial Note about SMS in India

In order to send SMS/IVR to an Indian number, that number may need to opt-in to receive SMS/IVR. It's a best practice to have each Indian number you want to send an SMS to follow the opt-in process. Details can be found here: SMS and IVR in India