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Export Application Data


Mobile user: The person submitting data.

Case: A record of anything you want to follow over time. Examples include: pregnant women, household, water pump, a rice field.

Form: A way to collect information about a case at a specific point in time. Examples include, pregnant women during delivery, the households indoor air pollution before the implementation of improved cook stoves, water pump usage at 9 am, a rice field at the start of rainy season.

Export: Is the data output from CommCare HQ from all the forms submitted by FLWs or all the cases tracked by the FLWs.

Getting Started

Navigate to your work space. On the top panel select Data.

There are three types of exports that you can download from CommCareHQCommCare HQ:

            1. Export Forms: the report will contain every submission by mobile workers for a specific form or forms. These are called ‘’Export Submissions to Excel’’

            2. Case Exports: the report will contain the latest information about the cases. This is found under ‘’Export Cases, Referrals, and Users’’

            3. De-Identified Exports: the report will be a form where sensitive information (like identities) have been removed

There are also two additional types of exports that require you to have access to a Paid Plan. For more information, please see the following pages:

  1. Daily Saved Exports 
  2. Excel Dashboards
  3. Microsoft Power BI and Tableau Integration