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The Case List and Case Detail screens on CommCare Mobile allow mobile users to find and view data about a case on their mobile device, even when offline. This page provides an overview of how Case List and Case Detail screens are used, and explains in detail how to configure them.


Table of Contents

About Case Lists & Case Details

Case List


You can specify the case property columns that are displayed in the case list.  Due to the limited screen space on a mobile phone, you typically want to only include two columns.  The phones will also let you search over the case properties in the columns - it is sometimes useful to include an ID that the user can quickly type a search term or scan a barcode to find the case they are looking for.   The case list can also be sorted and filtered, based on the state of the case. 


It is also possible to use calculations in the case list/details screen by enabling an Add-Ons via the application settings screen. This feature will allow you to use custom xpath expressions to perform calculations on data and case properties that can be displayed to your mobile workers. For more information on how to enable and use this functionality, please see

Localization (Translations in the Case Details/List)