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The Worker Activity Report shows a summary of form and case activity by user or group. This can help you identify the following:

  • Users not using the phone

  • Amount of work done (forms submitted, cases created, case closed)

  • Follow Up Rates (what % of clients have had a visit over a time period)


To use the report, first choose the data you want to display:

1. Select the User(s):  This is a filter for the section of a mobile worker, active mobile workers, deactivated mobile workers, location or group filter. Filtering by either of the options returns data associated with the selected filter. It is possible to select multiple filter values at the same time


2. View By Users or Groups: Choose this option whether you want to see information for each individual mobile worker or a summary for each group (if you've chosen multiple groups above). 


3. Optional - Choose Case Type: This controls if you only want to see case-wise information for a specific case type.  For example, you may only care about pregnant mothers and not about viewing information about referrals or tasks.  

4. Date Range: This controls over what time period you wish to evaluate worker activity.  For example, you may only want to view performance over the last week, or over the last month. 


Understanding the Report Columns