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What is GPRS?


  1. Click “Menu”

  2. Scroll to “Settings” and click.

  3. Scroll to “Configuration” and click.

  4. Scroll to “Personal configuration setting” and click.

    1. If there is an existing, configuration, click “Options” and click “Delete”.

  5. Click “Options”.

  6. Scroll to “Add New” and click.

  7. Select “Web”.

  8. Scroll to “Use preferred access point” and verify it says “Yes”.

  9. Click “Back”

  10. Scroll to “My web” which you’ve just created.

  11. Click “Options” and click “Activate”.

  12. Click “Back”.

  13. Now in the main menu of the “Configuration Settings” page, scroll to “Default configuration setting” and click.

  14. Scroll “Personal configuration” and click.

  15. Then, click “Default”.

  16. Now we need to create an access point.

  17. Scroll to “Personal configuration setting” and click.

  18. Click “Options” and “Add New”.

  19. Select “Access Point”.

  20. Click “Access Point Settings”.

  21. This step does not show up in all phones (if it doesn't skip to Step 22): Verify the first list item, “Data Bearer”, is “Packet Data”, if not click and change it to “Packet Data”.  (If you can't find it here, go back to the original "Settings" menu and choose "Connectivity" instead of "Configuration", there is an option "Packet Data" -> "Packet Data Settings" --> "Edit Active Access Pt" --> "Packet Data Acc. Pt."  )

  22. Scroll to “Bearer Settings”, and click

  23. Scroll to “Packet data access point” and click.

  24. Delete “internet” and type in your local network provider's access point name (APN) (for example, the access location for mCel in Mozambique is “”.)

    1. See below for known APNs.

  25. Click “Ok”.

  26. Click “Back” a few times to get to the “Personal Accounts” menu.  In this menu, you should see “My web” and “My access point” which are the settings you’ve just created.

  27. Scroll to “My access point” which we just created.

  28. Click “Options”.

  29. Click “Activate”.

  30. Click “Back”

  31. Now “Configuration Setting Page”, we need to verify “My access point” is listed under “Preferred access point”.

  32. Scroll to “Preferred access point” and click.

  33. Scroll and click “My access point”.

  34. Then, scroll to “Activate default in all apps” and click.  (This will apply the settings you created to all applications on the phone, including CommCare).

  35. Make sure to perform a CommCare "network test" before before you distribute the phone.