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To update your cases the first step is to determine which cases to update. To do so you need to use a unique ID so that CommCare can identify your cases. You have two options to do so:

Options to determine which cases to update

Steps to follow

Option 1: Use the CommCare case export feature to download your cases and update them ( ). CommCare generates a unique ID for each case and stores it in a property called case_id.

  1. Download your cases and make a case export, making sure you include the case_id column.

  2. Remove any cases that you don't want to change

  3. Remove any columns that you don't want to change/update

  4. Update the data in the columns that you want to change

  5. Add new columns for any new case properties you want to change

Option 2: If you already imported these cases using a unique ID (Creating New Cases - 1. Setup Excel File ), you can use this ID to update the cases.  For example, you may have used household number as a unique ID for importing cases. 

  1. Include your existing Unique ID column in your Excel document

  2. Add columns for other case properties you want to change or add.  You do not need to include all columns for the case, just the ones you want to update or add. 

Two example tables are shown below, one that using a downloaded case ID (option 1) and another that uses an existing Unique ID (option 2).