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Once you've created your Organization Levels, you can also use Excel to create or update the organization structure. Using Excel might be easier when managing larger numbers of locations.

  1. Go to the Organization Structure page (Users tab -> Organization Structure) and then choose Bulk


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  1. Upload.

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  2. Download the Excel file - it will list a tab for each organization level. You can add (or edit rows) in this Excel document to create new locations. For each location you're required to provide the following information:
    • Name: The name of the location
    • Site Code: This is a unique identifier for the location and cannot contain any spaces or special characters
    • Parent Site Code: This is the site code of the parent of this location. If the location doesn't have a parent, leave this column blank
    • Latitude


    •  and Longitude: Optional columns to set the coordinates of the location.

  1. Once you've created or updated your Excel file, upload the Excel file using the same download page.
    Note: You cannot move locations using the bulk upload  (changing the parent site code for an existing location will result in an error). 


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