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There are so many good reasons to incorporate images into your CommCare applications - whether ot better engage users and their clients or help clarify data collection requirements. This page provides some guidance on how to incorporate images in your application!


You can find some open-source images that you can use in your applications in these places:

... Free software for editing images. Compatible on PC. 

IrfanView: Free software for re-sizing images and converting among file types.  Can also do re-sizing and conversion in bulk if you have lots of images to process at once. 

Greenshot: Free software for taking and editing screenshots.  Very useful if you want to capture images from documents, websites, or a phone emulator.

Some PDF to Word Converter: Can extract images from a PDF file.

Resize Your Image: can upload individual photos and resize them. 

Sizing Image Files

This section includes some resources for better sizing your CommCare multimedia images.


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The size at which your images display in CommCare depends largely upon the size of the image file you provide. To help you choose the correct file size for how you want the image to look on your device, we have released a new CommCare Developer Toolkit app, which has a utility for image sizing. To use this, follow the steps below: