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The size at which your images will display in CommCare is dependent upon 2 things: 1) the original size of the image file you provide, and 2) the Android device model you are using. The 2nd criteria has to do with Android device specs, and is unimportant unless you are deploying your app on multiple Android device models. If so, refer to this page for guidance on sizing your images for use on multiple device models.


If you do not see your device in this table yet, or just want to a reliable way to test out different image sizes, a new process to help you do so can be found here. If you determine image sizes that work well for a new phone model, feel free add information to the table.

On Android phones, there is also limited support for automatic resizing of images. Documentation for this feature can be found here.Documentation for Image Sizing on Feature phones can be found /wiki/spaces/commcarepublic/pages/2143954582

Recommended Tools

Below are some free tools we have used in processing images.  No guarantee that they will work as they are third-party programs, but we have had good experiences with them. Free software for editing images. Compatible on PC. 

IrfanView: Free software for re-sizing images and converting among file types.  Can also do re-sizing and conversion in bulk if you have lots of images to process at once. 

Greenshot: Free software for taking and editing screenshots.  Very useful if you want to capture images from documents, websites, or a phone emulator.

Some PDF to Word Converter: Can extract images from a PDF file.

Resize Your Image: can upload individual photos and resize them.