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titleTrying to install CommCare for Android?

This page provides information on how to set up Android devices in preparation for using them with CommCare. If you want instructions on how to install and set up CommCare for Android please go to Install CommCare for Android Smartphones to get started.


titleProcure a Mobile Device Management Tool

We strongly recommend you procure a mobile device management tool to manage your devices, the data used on the devices, the apps used, and the time spent on each app. Dimagi has an MDM solution you can consider called Focus that is tailor-made for international development projects with low-or-no connectivity. We have seen large i-NGO's use MDM solutions to secure their patient/user data, save money with restricted data usage and increase their frontline productivity.

Table of Contents

Device Specific Guides


  1. Go to Settings -> Wireless and Network Settings -> Wi-Fi Settings OR Settings -> WiFi
  2. Turn On WiFi
  3. Select the desired Wi-Fi network and enter the Wi-Fi password
  4. There should be a WiFi icon next to the phone bars
  5. Use the browser to navigate to to test network

Setup Google Account

You need a Google account to download applications from the Google Store for the phones. You can either create an individual account for each phone or create a single account for the project. To setup an account go to from your computer.

Individual accounts: You can create individual accounts for each phone in a sequential fashion (, etc.).

    • Pro(s): You can use the Android Device Manager to track the devices and lock/wipe them if they get lost. The individual email addresses can also be added to the respective mobile users' profiles on HQ so it's easier to track. The best tool for tracking a phone's location is Google Maps' Location History.
    • Risk(s): In at least one case, a few days after starting the system, Gmail shut down these accounts because it suspected they weren't people's personal accounts, which violated its terms of use. 

Single account for project: You can create a single project account such as

    • Pro(s): One fixed account to manage with one password can standardize setup of phones for new users without having to create additional accounts.
    • Risk(s): Having a single account for all phones can have a slew of unintended consequences - contacts, photos and settings will all get backed up to the same Google account. There are some pretty significant privacy concerns and the likelihood for serious HR problems. To minimize these potential issues, please make sure to follow the "uncheck the auto-sync option" in the steps below.

Once you have the account(s) per your requirements, follow the steps below.

  1. Go the Add Account page (Settings -> Accounts and sync -> Add Account OR Settings -> Accounts Section -> Add Account)
  2. Choose Google account and select that you have an existing account
  3. Enter account information
  4. If prompted, uncheck "Keep this device backed up with my Google Account"
  5. if prompted, don't choose to setup the phone for Google +
  6. If prompted, uncheck all the Sync options
  7. Optional: to reduce bandwidth usage and stop multiple devices with the same account from sharing contacts/photos/other data between each other, choose the Account from Settings -> Accounts and Sync and uncheck all the sync options


  1. Note: If you have multimedia, download your multimedia zip file from CommCareHQ, plug in your phone to a computer and copy the zip file to the phone. 
  2. Open CommCare (Applications -> CommCare)
  3. Choose the Enter URL option (recommended) or use the barcode scanner to scan the application QR code on CommCareHQ
  4. Enter the App Code for your application (or scan the QR code)
  5. Choose Begin Install
  6. Phone will connect to the internet and download your application
  7. If you have multimedia, you will prompted about missing multimedia.  Press the Settings -> Install Multimedia
  8. Choose the folder button and find the multimedia zip file you copied to the phone
  9. Multimedia should validate correctly


There are many free Android applications that can be useful to the phone's users. Here are some favorites: