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The Tasking Reference framework has been built to allow CommCare users Ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages is essential to sustainable development. In 2017, approximately 462 women died per 100 Thousand live births from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childcare. An estimated 3000 children out of 100 Thousand live births died majorly from avoidable causes. Most of these deaths occurred in low and lower-middle-income countries that face an acute shortage of healthcare professionals. Community Health Workers who can help improve maternal and child health are overburdened with paperwork and cannot focus on service delivery. They lack targeted identification and task tracking ability that could help them improve the quality of service. Dimagi has created a Precision Supervision Framework in CommCare. The Framework allows field workers to get much-needed help from a job-aid tool that helps them better track individual beneficiaries and daily tasks. It also enables adherence to consistent care protocols, thus improving the quality of service delivery. The application is meant to be used by two types of field workers. The first ones are the Community Health Workers , who provide services to pregnant women, mothers, and children. The others are the Supervisors, who oversee the day-to-day activities of CHWs and give guidance to CHWs to help them perform better. 

The Precision Supervision applications are created as part of a reference framework in CommCare that enables CommCare users to create data-driven tasks for both health workers and supervisors in order to drive . These applications allow more effective performance management, optimize optimizes time spent on the most vital life-saving tasks, and ultimately improve improves key health metrics and outcomes. The CHW application has been designed to feature prioritized tasks lists in the CommCare app allowing CHWs to view their list of tasks, ordered by priority. Apart from this, the system automatically sends monthly reminders to the beneficiaries about the options they can use to request a visit from CHW in case of any medical emergencies. The supervisor application includes functionality and interfaces for CHW supervisors. It allows supervisors to manage their CHWs, analogous to how the CHW app helps a CHW manage their clients. It is oriented around a list of tasks, each directing the supervisor to discuss a specific topic with one of their CHWs. The solution also offers effective performance management and capacity building workflows for the users.

 The reference applications  have been built on top of an existing CommCare application that involves home based care. The CommCare Tasking Reference Framework consists for the following three reference applications

  1. Precision Tasking CHW Application
  2. Precision Tasking Supervision Application
  3. Precision Tasking D2C Application

The Dimagi team has created the following demo videos to provide an high level overview of the framework and its potential use case

  1. Precision Tasking CHW and D2C Application Overview
  2. Precision Tasking Supervision Application Overview