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You can store your favorite filters in a saved report and then easily navigate to that report with the filters already applied. Saved reports will be accessible via the CommCareHQ Dashboard and can also be sent by email on a recurring basis.


  • Edit allows you to change the report name, day and time, and recipients
  • View allows you to view the report data
  • Send Test will send out a test email to all of the recipients
  • Delete will permanently delete the report. if you accidentally delete a report that you just need to create a new scheduled report and it is possible to re-create the same email report.  

Bulk delete Scheduled Reports

The bulk delete my scheduled reports feature gives you the option to bulk delete multiple scheduled reports at once. 

These are the steps to bulk delete my scheduled reports:

  1. Navigate to 'My Scheduled Reports' page under Reports.

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2. Select the reports that you want to bulk delete.

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3. Confirm that you want to bulk delete the reports.

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4. Verify the confirmation message

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  1. Can I remove someone from a scheduled report when I didn't create the scheduled report myself? Answer: No, only the person who created the scheduled report can add or remove someone AND the scheduled report receiver can unsubscribe themselves from within the email, when they click at the bottom of the email on  "Unsubscribe from this report". A best practice therefore is setting up the scheduled report on the account of the person who will manage the scheduled report receivers list.
  2. Can I see other users' scheduled reports or can only the people who created the scheduled reports see them? Answer: Web users with the Admin role assigned can also view, edit and delete the scheduled reports of other users in the project space. However, anyone can be added to the scheduled report to see the emailed data.